Hi, I’m Elissa, I’m a happily married Mum to three adored children. I deal with chronic pain, along with the noise and drama of having 40 WestConnex workers who like to visit my street daily. Yes, we are in the Inner West, heard of the WestConnex Destruction.

You may have seen me around. I’m that Mum who always has her kids climbing all over her, or mischief making behind a corner. So, then we rush, seeming to be forever a step behind. Although, weirdly, I’m happy to put up with the frenetic pace of being severely outnumbered by three kids….because my house is a home made up of love, laughter and cuteness.

I haven’t written my blog for more then two years, and have spent bare hours here and there working on my historical fiction (or tome…), but I haven’t even looked at that for about four months, and my writing soul is consequently being squeezed dry. I’ve also had to deal with my chronic pain increasing in severity between each pregnancy, and the last one really broke me. I’m still barely coping with my pain and my baby is almost two.

My old blog used to be much more navel gazing – my muses and pondering as I observed two dazzlingly loving girls. I did my best to watch them, read the parenting books, realign their behaviour with some lessons and generally have a quiet introspective time as we both taught each other things.

I’m still hoping to write about issues that concern me as a mother of two girls, one already very sensitive to her peers’ opinions. We have a long way to go with girls’ equality and body image, and I cringe each time I hear my girls say that they want to ‘look pretty’. I fear that must mean I’m failing them…..or is it ok, don’t we all sometimes want to look pretty? All of this is what bothers me and interests me. Yet now, as a proud Mumma of a very active, curious little boy, I am going to have to learn how be a Mum to a boy…and all the questions about body image and masculine expectations that come with that.

It has meant that recently (well, the past two years), I’ve had to sacrifice even the one tiny morning I used to carve out each week for my writing since the little Master has arrived. Although, goodness me he’s adorable (and I promise I’m not biased). Now, all I can do is laugh with my kids, at my kiddies, and at myself. If we can get by a day without someone being covered in textas, stamps, chalk, poo or wee then we are a smashing it!

Anyway, let’s hope you enjoy reading what I do,  – living with chronic pain, being a mum, and even a sneak preview of my novel. I’ll be pouring my heart and soul into my writing  as I do with everything else. Here’s to 2017, the return of the blog!