Lesson Twelve: Don’t Steal

My lesson for my daughters is to remember the anguish of having something unexpectedly lost or taken by some plebeian vagabond – never to be returned. Something that you used, treasured and had fond memories of.

When we lose something precious we relive the pained story at various social gatherings over the years. We re-tell the anguish over that wallet that was stolen during a phrenetic night out. We repeat it years later, the years enhancing the disillusionment, that the money and cards were never recovered.

To my girls – never be the random person who took in these urban tales.  NEVER make somebody else feel sad, disappointed or even just a little bit peeved at your actions.

Big girls might learn not to cry…but little girls do cry….a lot! As a Mother it saddens you to realise that their untainted dream world is beginning to crumble and to be invaded by darkness. And you can’t stop it.

Sometimes you can really make somebody cry – even if it is a little girl’s pink dolly pram left at the bottom of a stairway.

In Conclusion,  Dear Readers

I’m sure many of you will think that nearly 1500 words on a stolen toy pram is a slight over-reaction, and I’m keen to hear your thoughts over my anguished rambling.

What do you think is a reasonable item to take, or steal?

Of course I’m not condoning stealing a loaf of bread ‘Les Miserables’ style…but where is the limit? How do we teach our children  the lines in the sand?

These are the questions I’m pondering and musing over as I (over)react to the lost possession, and wonder how to help my children navigate the world…

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