List of amusing and wishful adventures to have with my girls in 2013

The new year stretches out with its promises of charm and adventures, including the open landscape of discovery and pleasure.

I recently read a fantastic post about creating a Bucket list of dreams for 2013 ’because you want to live’ – Lesley Carter, and this inspired me to make my own list of wishful adventures to have with my girls in 2013.

  1. Let my little monkey scramble and climb (‘up to the sky’ as MJ puts it) by letting her explore the big kid’s climbing equipment she has begun to attempt at the playground and start Amelia on the slippery dip.
  2. 2.Go for a walk in the ‘woods’ (bush) a few times this year. Matilda has a favourite song from Playschool called ‘Walking in the Woods’, so we always sing that when we go for a walk.
  3. Show Matilda how to make pretty and delicate foodstuffs by baking and decorating cupcakes together.
  4. Let my girls explore taste sensations by dining out in chinatown for a family dinner (Matilda already loves cooked tuna sushi rolls).
  5. Support Matilda’s love of the water by encouraging her lessons and giving her more opportunities to practise in our pool. She has no fear (only I do about her) and I believe she could truly learn to swim by herself very soon.
  6. Introduce our baby to water safety with swimming lessons for Amelia later in the year.
  7.  Go on a family holiday by the beach and let the girls splash around in the water and decorate sandcastles together.
  8. Encourage an interest in musicality by going to the the Wiggles display at the Powerhouse Museumand attending a children’s music concert (we saw the Wiggles last year, so maybe something different this year. Any suggestions?).
  9. Run around being silly together as we try to fly a kite (anybody know how we can do this? Haven’t seen any to buy….can they be hired?).
  10. Teach Matilda about the origins of the world and show her the structures and images of her favourite creature – dinosaurs, by visiting the dinosaur exhibition at the Australian Museum 
  11. Listen to stories of our family and past by spending more time with great-grandparents and grandparents.
  12. Last, but most essential to my lessons for my daughters is to encourage acceptance, love and understanding for themselves, each other (by working hard to bind them as sisters with an unshakeable bond ) and the world around them.

Wow, what an exciting 2013 we have lying untarnished before us.

I think I’ve thought of enough to amuse us for one year….but if anyone has any other suggestions for adventuring and discovery I’d love to hear them!

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