My musings about these lessons…

I thought I’d start a blog that explored the conclusions that I reached following the ups or downs of each day. I’m sure I’m not the only way that lays awake in bed thinking of things that they could have said or reacted to differently, and I want to use these reflections as lessons for my daughters.

I worry that I may not be around when they need me, and I don’t want them to feel the same anguish I do some days when nothing seems to go right.

So, by writing things down for my daughters, I hope that I will also be teaching myself. I hope that by forcing myself to look back, I can more generously appreciate the various ways the days have been shaped and channeled away from my intentions. As I reflect I also hope to improve my outlook throughout these writing wanderings.

I also fancy that my lessons for my daughters will be a treasure for my beloved family and friends – and anybody else who chances upon my musings….

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Elissa De Heer

I have been studying on and off for years and have postgraduate degrees in English Literature (Masters) and Teaching (Masters), a Diploma in Editing, and a Certificate in English Language Teaching.

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