Where have I been?

Well apart from the hoopla that associates Christmas and New Year, I’ve been pretty sore and unable to be creatively occupied.

The busy-ness of the holiday season, as wonderful as it was, did push me quite a bit past my comfort zone in terms of pain.

Staying up late to wrap presents, organising gifts for the pre-school for the first time and getting our house ready for our first Christmas – really took a lot out of me.

I had to wait a good six weeks after Christmas to have some relief provided by my doctors and it took another six weeks to organise another pain solution.

I’ve had a couple of injections under MRI and another nerve block, this time the pudendal nerve (for a change) and intensive physio/acupuncture to try and get me going. They’ve helped, but I’ve still been pretty sore and needed a lot of rest.

Having Matilda home over the Christmas break brought me to a whole new level of tiredness. As wonderful as it was to not have to rush off to pre-school, and to have each day unfold before us – free to roam the parks or do craft at home. It did truly drain me. I spent many an afternoon clutching my heat pack as I read the girls stories – and they were heart achingly patient as usual.

During the break I did attend a blog writing course by the fabulous Emma Salkild who writes about cruelty free beauty products over at My Fair Lipstick. It took a huge commitment from hubby as I was in bed all day before the course. He was on Daddy patrol, but I managed to throw back the covers and miraculously get out of bed for a few hours. I nearly didn’t go, but hubby really pushed me to go as he knew it would give me some bright ideas, and I’d be really upset if I missed it. I get a bit teary sometimes when I have a long period of missing things. Dinners out are a big one, I can never make it out at night.

I am surprised and saddened that it has taken me until now to return to my beautiful blog, even though my ideas have been brewing.  I apologise to my readers for having such a long hiatus. I hope to be less sporadic with my writing in the future…

We’ve just returned from five glorious family fun days on the Gold Coast, and I feel the best I’ve felt all year. The week saw us do the touristy kiddy stuff which is great for your inner child and we laughed and laughed with the girls.

The water was beautiful and being in it or by it feels like elixir for my soul, and I’m calmed and relaxed next to its’ majesty. The rest, hubby’s help and the daily swims have all melded in to a stronger and more renewed self, and I hope to bring this energy to my writing.

Looking for the playful dolphins in the gorgeous water.

So, get a cuppa and your comfy chair on standby as I’ll be rolling out a few posts over the next couple of days. I would love you to sit back and catch up on all the ponderings and love that has been happening over at the de Heer household.

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