I’m a happily married Mum of two dazzlingly enjoyable and entertaining young girls – aged three (Matilda Jayne) and one (Amelia Mary).

Who we are

I live in Haberfield, Sydney, with my darling husband Paul who is my friend, lover and biggest supporter in anything I do.

We have recently moved to a townhouse, out of a two bedroom apartment at the top of a flight of stairs. I feel as though we have let Matilda out of a cage and now she can run and explore and burst out of the house into the glorious sunny world. We are lucky enough to have a reserve opposite us and Matilda occasionally sits still long enough so that we can enjoy the wind singing into the trees as I have a rest.

Matilda often refers to my husband as ‘Hunny Paul’ due to the practice I have of forever calling out to him two or three times.  It’s because I always start first with ‘hunny’ and, when I have to call out again (when I get no response), I patiently call a louder ‘Paul.’ So I will often abbreviate his name on this blog as HP. He is a long suffering husband who is still waiting for me to recover as he comes home to a chaotic house with no dinner again.

My girls

Matilda, who often calls herself ‘Tilda, and who I will likely shorthand to MJ on this blog, is an energetic cheeky ragamuffin of a girl who loves jumping, dancing, the park and going out (she is happy with anywhere, just loves being out and about).

Amelia, a content and beloved cutie, who we all call endearingly ‘Bubba…was born in August 2012, and so far seems much quieter and easier to manage than Matilda! Although she has just started to make her demands known about so I am getting ready for more activity from her soon! She adores her big sister and copies every single thing she does. This includes sitting at a table (no highchair), no bib, using a spoon and trying to get on her sister’s scooter or bike whenever she’s not looking! You should see the grin when she manages these feats! Truly adorable!

Both of us endured a traumatic delivery and I am still recovering from the complications which greatly increased the chronic pelvic pain I have been living with for the past twelve years.

Our lives behind the blog

Our lives are full of giggles, chats, questions, pretend cafes and holiday dress ups, and jumping up on the couch away from tigers! My home often has a serious, although puzzling infestation. I’m assured that they are friendly. I also have to fit in tedious Mummy jobs which often means endless doctors appointments.

Permeating through our lives are lessons and moments that I reflect upon at night, and these  have moved me to start this blog of lessons for my daughters. I want my daughters to have something with my voice and feelings attached. I am hopeful that as they read these lessons, they will understand how I have always tried to be the best Mum I could be. I am often unwell, but I love it all, and I am musing and pondering about these delightful days at home when every activity or outing results in a lesson – for the girls, for me, or for both of us.

About Me

I have been studying on and off for years and have postgraduate degrees in English Literature (Masters) and Teaching (Masters), a Diploma in Editing, and a Certificate in English Language Teaching.

I published my first Young Adult fiction ‘Repetition’ as an ebook in January 2012, and it is enjoying steady sales. It is available through a new Australian independent digital publisher (Really Blue Books) and most online bookstores.

I am currently on study and work leave and pouring my free time as a Mummy into this blog and am loving getting back to my writing.

I hope that my writing helps others, especially those silent sufferers of chronic pain, and please, if you like my work, please please follow it! I aim to have fifty followers by the close of 2014……